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Why you need to wear helemet

Why do you need to wear a helmet while riding scooter?

A two-wheeler motorist needs to know the value of wearing a helmet while riding on it. The helmet plays a very crucial role in life-saving. It reduces the risk of fatal head and brain injuries. Accidents can happen to anyone even if they ride safer but without a helmet is always risky. Helmets absorb the impact of falls on the road and prevent damage to the skull which protects the brain.

Why you need to wear helemet

10 top reason why its necessary to wear helmets while riding bike or scooter.


1. Protect Head, Eyes, and Jaws from accidents

Our head has all the vital parts like eyes, jaws, ears, nose, and most importantly brain. Researchers have found that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain damage, skull fracture, and face bone dislocation. A high-quality helmet absorbs the impact of the fall or collision that occurs in an accident.

2. Following Traffic laws

It is our sole responsibility to follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents. We can save our life as well as the life of others if we follow traffic rules. If one fails to follow traffic rules, it substantially increases accidents, injuries to the public and animals, and creates unwanted confusion and chaos.

3. Protect eyes from dust

Eyes are very crucial for the one who is driving on road. Eyes can be affected by various factors like dust particles, small insects present in the air. Wearing a helmet forms a shield on the eyes and protects from anything that falls on the eyes.

4. Reduce the effect of the sun rays

Sun in some places will be so hot and wearing a helmet reduces the direct effect of the sun rays falling on the face. A fully closed Helmet is said to block 98% of UV radiation which in turn reduces skin aging and suntan.

5. Protect ears from Noise

Ears should be taken care of while driving from extreme cold, moisture, and wind. Most of the helmets have special provisions near ears to absorb noise to some level, however, it does not provide adequate protection against noise. Using earbuds, headphones along with the helmet is a good option.


6. Looks Stylish

Helmets are now have become a fashion accessory for bike enthusiasts. Colorful, bright, and stylish helmets are now available in the markets. For men bikes, helmet with skeletons, skulls, daredevils, and such designs are available. For women bikers, helmet with polka dots, flowers, stars and stripes, and pretty much designs are available.

7. To get clear visibility of the road

Helmet with a high-quality visor protect the eyes as well as provide better visibility of roads by blocking the glare of the headlights of other vehicles that move before us and one crosses us. It increases the focus of the rider towards the road. It reduces much of the accidents. But the main thing we need to take care of is the maintenance of visor without scratch and accumulation of dust.

8. Save Fine from traffic constables

In some countries wearing a helmet is mandatory and strictly followed. Breaking the rule might cause a loss of license to drive. Thereby increasing the importance of wearing helmets while driving on road. Strict laws prioritize the safety of the public and following the laws might prevent paying an unnecessary fine to the cops.

9. Make awareness of others

We must create awareness in other people by wearing a helmet. We must set an example for other riders and new generation riders as well. As a responsible citizen, we must follow the rule of wearing a helmet and making others to follow the same.

10. Protect from legal claims in accidents

The first thing that the insurance company will look for is whether the bike rider has worn a helmet or not while the accident has happened. It is often a crucial issue during motorcycle accidental claims and suits.

Which Helmet is safe to wear? Full or Half face

When it comes to safety, there is no comparison between full face and half face helmets. Full face helmets offer full protection while half face helmets do not. Chin, ear, and jaw area are not under safety while using half face helmets. Full helmets will be a bit uncomfortable to wear, but it fits perfectly to the face without any gap. Half face helmets may fail to fit in place during heavy winds.

Wind noise might be disturbing to one who drives for a longer distance. A lot of full-face helmets are now made with noise reduction technology. Placing a sticky silicone wind jammer band also reduces noise. It can be placed only inside full face helmet. Half face helmet has no provisions for noise cancellation.

Full helmets provide lesser visibility on the blind spot and moving neck to see the sideways is a bit difficult, however, ¾ helmets may solve these issues. Open face helmets may make it easier to look both ways while crossing roads or changing lanes.


What are the helmets standards in India, which is best?

In India there are many standards such as SNELL, ECE, DOT, however, ISI standard is a symbol of quality. An insurance claim will not be given if the rider is not wearing an ISI certified helmet brand. ISI certified company will abide by all the guidelines and safety requirements that are needed while manufacturing helmets. 

However, we should check the genuineness of the ISI mark on the helmet which is more important to avoid fake company manufactured helmets. Genuine ISI helmets have more tensile strength. They undergo several crack tests and stringent tests. One must avoid buying a helmet from roadside vendors as they sell cheap quality helmets.

Is a helmet mandatory for the bike?

Under section 129 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, the two-wheeler riders must wear a helmet. Helmets must be securely fitted and fastened with a belt and should be 20-25 mm thick with high-quality foam. In some cities, pillion riders also must wear safety helmets.

Can you use a bike helmet for the scooter?

Bike helmets are mostly Full Face helmets and scooter helmets may vary from Half Face helmets to ¾ helmets. Full face bike helmets provide full safety while half face helmets do not provide much safety. Even though bike helmets are uncomfortable and messing up the hair, wearing the right helmet offer sufficient cushioning and fit properly.

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  1. The question itself very important. In rural areas people not following rules for safety measures. Thanks for highlighting this information to save thousands of life.


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