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Full Face VS Half Face Helmet

Full Face VS Half Face Helmets – Which Helmet is best?

Full Face VS Half Face Helmets! For the purchase of a new motorcycle helmet, one can get confused to choose from varieties of helmets from the market. Some are pretty, some will look cool, some will be safe and some are hardcore. However, mainly there are two types of helmets, Full Face helmet and half face helmet.

Full Face VS Half Face Helmet
Full Face Helmet Vs Half Face Helmet

The few important features are compared below,


1. Comfortness

A Full Face Helmet is comfortable for a person who doesn’t like the wind to fall on the face. But sure, will be a hindrance to someone who has a breathing problem however there are proper vents for air inlet in such cases. In hot places, they tend to create more sweat and may lead to skin allergy.

A Half Face Helmet is more comfortable than full face helmets as they are less tight to the head and allows more air and offers better breathability. In cold places, they fail to protect from cold, wind, and moisture. We should wear extra goggles to prevent dust, however, it will be a better option for one who wears power glasses.

2. Safety

Full face helmet fits in place tightly to the face and ensures it doesn’t fall off from the head during accidents. It gives protection over the chin, ear, and jaw area. In rare cases, a Full Face helmet is difficult to remove after an accident has happened, however medical persons are trained over it.

Safety is a big question when it comes to Half Face helmets. They are not very effective in protecting the head and it has been the reason in many cases for the cause of death. These helmets are easier to remove after an accident has happened as they are mostly not a tight fit helmet.

3. Clear Vision

Full face helmets provide lesser visibility and have blind spots on both sides. While riding on highways and longer distance, they tend to cause neck pain as they are heavier. However highways are prone to accidents, hence visor should be cleaned properly and frequently changed if there are more scratches.

Half Face Helmets provide better and clear visibility. There is no visor and there will be wider visibility of roads on either side. It is easier to move your neck and look both ways while crossing the road and changing the lanes.

4. Air Noise

Full Face Helmets are an ideal option if one doesn’t like the air noise that affects the ears while driving faster. If there are heavy winds, dust particles may fall on the eyes, hindering the ride. Full face helmets with wind visor is a great choice for noiseless and dust-free riding. A windjammer can be fitted inside the helmet to block wind from entering under the helmet.

Half Face Helmets do not protect from wind and dust while riding. However, we must wear goggles and noise-canceling headphones for that purpose. Half face helmet cannot have provision for joining the windjammer.


5. Stylish

The only feature that half helmet wins is this aspect. The Full Face helmet also now comes in various designs and patterns which increases the stylish looks of it. Half helmet riders will have a windshield on their bikes, this enhances the style of the bike as well as a helmet. Half helmets are much prettier and they are mainly attracted by women riders. Mostly women who are pillion riders prefer these types of helmets.

Features of Full Face & Half Face Helmet

Full Face Helmet

Half Face Helmet

Pros and Cons of Full Face Helmet


  • Complete protection and Full Face coverage
  • Sunglasses are not needed as they have tinted visor
  • Less fatiguing on long trips.
  • Does not fall off the face during mishaps.


  • Cleaning is difficult when it comes to non-removable padding. 
  • Limited airflow.
  • Restricts horns, siren sounds.
  • Blindspot hindering complete visibility.

Pros and Cons of Half Face Helmet


  • Provides stylish looks.
  • Good visibility 
  • Less cost
  • Complete aeration and rider sweat is minimal
  • Cleaning is much easier as it does not have padding.


  • Does not provide complete protection.
  • Prone to cause injuries during mishaps.
  • Minimal resistance to the impact of the shock.
  • Frequent check on straps as it tends to lose.

Full Face Helmets Vs Half Face Helmets

Half Face Helmet is always a choice for people who seeks freedom and fashion and who frequently need to take off the helmet as they tend to have many stop stations. Still, people feel it more secure because it has fewer blind spots and provides better awareness of alarming noises and sounds.

Full Face Helmets rather than having many discomforts, it is a better choice for people when comes to safety and privacy. The crash report says that more hits occur in the chin bar of the helmet. It provides a protected feeling and can be less fatiguing on long trips.

Which one is safe to wear?

Safety is the prime factor that stands in and cancels out all other features like comfortability, visibility, and stylish look. Full face helmets reduce the chance of death rate. Insurance companies provide claims only for full face helmet wearers. Hence Full Face Helmet is the best option to choose from an open face helmet.

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