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Bike Mobile Holder Buying Guide

10 Guide for Buying Best Bike Mobile Holder Mount


Buying a phone holder is easy, but buying a phone holder that suits your phone is not an easy task. Here are some points that can help you choose the right one.

Bike Mobile Holder Buying Guide
bike mobile holder buying guide

1. Charging facility 

There are mobile holders with and without charging facilities. This facility helps you in better navigation by keeping the charge always up. 

2. 360 degrees rotation 

Always look for a phone holder with a 360-degree rotation facility so that you can adjust the holder to achieve the best viewing angle. 

3. Compatible with bike handlebar

This is a very important point to check because if the phone holder does not fit on the handlebar of your bike then you’re phone won’t be secure. 

4. Compatible with your mobile 

The phone holder should be a perfect fit for your phone. In spite of having all the other qualities, if the phone holder is not compatible with your phone then it is of no use. 

5. Material used for construction

The right phone holder should be made with tough material so that keeps the phone secure while riding through all terrains. 

6. Sturdy design 

The design of the holder should be compact and it should keep the phone secure even on rocky terrains. The phone should not slip off the holder while riding on bumpy roads. 

7. Easy to install

While buying the phone holder, you should check the method of installing the holder properly. Installation and removal of the holder should not be a tedious task. 

8. Waterproof 

Weather cannot be trusted and a waterproof phone holder will help you in your navigation even if you are riding in harsh weather conditions. 

9. Shock resistant

You can consider phone holders with rubber clamps as they are shock resistant and keeps your phone secure even while riding on rough and rocky roads. 

10. Universality 

It is pretty obvious that you can’t buy a new phone holder every time you buy a new phone. So if you buy a universal phone holder then you can adjust it by 4-7 inches so as to give a perfect fit to your phone. 



The mobile phone holder is a boon to riders as due to the use of this, there are lesser chances of accidents, and also it helps in easy navigation. The right mobile phone holder is not very difficult to find if you put good attention to the above-mentioned points.

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