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honda activa 6g accessories

21 Necessary Honda Activa 6g Accessories with Price List

honda activa 6g accessories
Honda Activa 6G Accessories

21 Necessary Honda Activa 6G accessories Price List

Let’s look into the list of 21 most necessary Accessories for Honda Activa 6g Scooter

Accessories Price stating from
Engine Oil
₹ 240  
₹ 429
₹ 839
Waterproof Body Cover
₹ 219
Mobile Holder
₹ 299
Foot mat
₹ 240  
₹ 950
Seat Cover
₹ 314
₹ 355
Mud Flap
₹ 50
Handle Grip
₹ 260
3D Emblem
₹ 299
Bumper Guard
₹ 466
Foot Rest
₹ 496
Silencer Guard
₹ 249
Side Stand
₹ 199
₹ 950
Foot mat
₹ 302
₹ 4000
Sound Horn
₹ 370
Number Plates
₹ 333
Key Chain
₹ 299

1. Engine Oil

Motul SCOOTER LE 4T 10W 40

Price: ₹ 240 - ₹ 800

Engine oil is considered as the backbone of the Vehicle. Hence a good quality engine oil is important for the Honda Activa 6g for its proper functioning. The engine oil penetrates the deep and internal parts of the vehicle. 

It lubricates the parts for the long run and hence makes sure that the engine runs for a long time. The engine oil minimizes the friction and makes the ride smooth. 

The chemical additives in the engine oil help to cleanse the engine deposits and prolong the life of the engine. Good engine oil will provide low viscosity at low temperature and thus decreases the friction.

2. Helmet

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet under 1500 rs

Price: ₹ 429 - ₹ 1239

Helmets are super important while driving. It is important as it acts as a safeguard to your body. Helmets are a must even when you are traveling for a short distance. We see numerous road hazards taking place daily due to the lack of road safety awareness. 

Hence a Half-face helmet with an ISI mark is recommended for Honda Activa 6G. Some of the important benefits of wearing a helmet are discussed below.

  • It protects you from road accidents.
  • It protects you from harmful radiation from the sun and pollution.
  • Also, you may have to pay an additional fine for not wearing a helmet. So it is always advisable for you to wear a helmet.

3. Battery

Amaron Sealed Battery

Price: ₹ 839- ₹ 1199

The battery is considered the “ Powerhouse” of the vehicle. For scooters like Honda Activa 6g, it is recommended to have a lightweight battery. The battery stores the energy that is consumed by the parts of the vehicle for a smooth run. 

It provides potential current to all parts of the vehicle to ensure a smooth mechanism. The batteries of scooters like honda 6g are made up of lithium-ion cells because of their compact size and longevity. This acts as an excellent energy-dense store. 

One of the important factors of these kinds of cells is they can be discharged and recharged many times. Hence these become easy to use in scooters.

4. Waterproof Body Cover

Mototrance MT804193 Two Wheeler Body Cover for Honda Activa 6G

Price: ₹ 219 - ₹ 699

The waterproof body cover of a vehicle is useful when it comes to maintaining the durability of your scooter for a long period. The cover protects you from dust, heat, cold, rain, and pollution sit-ups. 

A body cover comes in handy when you keep your Honda 6G outside or even in your house garage. It is also helpful when the bike user wants to import it from one place to the other. 

The cover is an important accessory for bikers who travel a lot. They can use the bike cover while they stay in intents to keep the scooter or bike safe and secure.

5. Mobile Holder

GRANDPITSTOP Claw Grip Mobile Holder with Charger

Price: ₹ 299 - ₹ 1800

Mobile phones have become necessary for human beings as it helps in every field of life. And when it comes to a person who loves to take long journeys or travel new places with their scooters like Honda 6g, a mobile holder is a must

Mobile acts as a GPS tracker and the mobile holder acts as a support to it. It holds the phone in a single place during the hard and long bumpy roads without any disturbance in placement. One can adjust their phone according to their choice and needs in both landscape and portrait mode. 

It can also help a person to attend a call unless it is “urgent” on speaker mode. The mobile holders are made in such a way that one can charge their phone in the odd times as it comes with a portable charging facility.

6. Foot Mat

Foot mat

Price: ₹ 240 - ₹ 800

Foot mats in Activa scooters are important as it provides a protective layer to the actual surface of the scooty. It helps the surface from getting scratched and keeps it clean and dust-free. 

The floor mats of the scooty are made with high-quality heat-resistant materials so that it does not get squeezed or brittle. It protects the surface of the scooter from harsh conditions.

7. Basket

Activa 6g Basket

Price: ₹ 950

Basket in the Honda 6G scooters are used so that one can keep essential items in it. It acts as a carrier of goods. The basket comes in handy to keep all the important documents of the scooter. One can carry a water bottle or other goodies while traveling a long distance.

8. Seat Covers

seat cover

Price: ₹ 314 - ₹ 761

Seat covers are used to protect the leather of the actual seat. It helps act as a barrier. The seat cover protects the leather from rain, UV rays, dust, and dirt. Also, it maintains the durability of the seat for a longer time. 

There are many variants of the seat covers available in the market like silicone, dupe leather, etc. One has to choose wisely looking at its resistance towards the natural odds.

9. Mirror

Mirror for Honda Activa

Price: ₹ 355 - ₹ 799

We cannot forget mirrors while driving. It shows us the rare view of the vehicles that are behind us and helps to manage the scooty accordingly. Convex mirrors are generally used in vehicles as it helps enlarge the actual image of the vehicles behind the biker. Hence a mirror of good quality is the first accessory one should own.

10. Mud Flap

Mud flap

Price: ₹ 50 - ₹ 300

The mud flap is installed in your vehicle so that it can kick off the mud or dirt that the vehicle picks up during its way. The mud flap helps in getting rid of the mud or any kind of dirt that is sticky to the wheels of the vehicle by slapping it tangentially. 

Thus keeping the wheel clean. As it cleans the wheel from mud and dirt it also helps the wheel to run for a longer period.

11. Handle Grip

Handle grip

Price: ₹ 260

Handle grips are essentially required to provide friction between your hand and the handle so that you have control over your ride. This will enhance your performance by giving you slow and steady breaks.

The handle grip will also help you moderate your speed while riding. Hence it is an essential tool especially if you are a beginner, It also protects the main handle from getting damaged, and hives a width to hold the handle properly.

12. 3D Emblem

3D emblem

Price: ₹ 299

Riding a scooter of your own choice gives real happiness. And the 3d emblem enhances the look of the scooty. It gives the Honda 6G an extravagant stylish look and provides the personality of the scooter. One can recognize from far by the luster of the stainless steel. 

It indeed provides a royal look. Also, the emblem acts as a reflector so that one can know which size of the vehicle is on its way, and how much space to provide for passage.

13. Bumper Guard Front/Rear


Price: ₹ 466 - ₹ 1987

The bumper guard is a metal that protects the back and front light of the Honda Activa 6G by acting as a protective shield. The bumper guard prohibits the Honda 6G from getting scratched. 

The rear bumper guard is substantially used in parking as it prohibits the sticking of the vehicle and getting scratches on the body. This eventually helps in maintaining the luster and shine of the vehicle.

As the front and backlight are one of the important features of the scooter, this tool ensures that it remains safe and protects it from getting any kind of damage.

14. Foot Rest

Foot Rest for activa

Price: ₹ 496

The footrest is a mandatory accessory in the scooter. It helps to keep your feet in the proper place and make your ride comfortable. One should always ensure that the position of the feet while sitting back should be kept on the food rest and not on the silencer guard. 

You can probably burn yourself if not careful. Food rest also helps in making the journey comfortable. In Honda Activa 6g the food rest is located in the mid-portion of the scooty. People of older age and kids of short height can use this to go up to the scooty.

15. Silencer Guard

Silencer Guard for Honda Actvia

Price: ₹ 249

The silencer guard is a major component of the scooter as it acts as a barrier between the silencer and the atmosphere. Without a silencer guard, one can probably have deep burns due to the excess heat that the silencer produces. It also helps the silencer from dust and mud by acting as a safeguard.

16. Side Stand

Side Stand for Honda Activa 6g

Price: ₹ 199 - ₹ 399

The side stand is the support of the scooty. It is just like the” bone” to the body. It supports the scooty to be in the standing position while on rest. The side stand supports the scooter with full potential when in hurry and one does not want to put the center stand. 

It supports the scooty to stand straight without any turbulence. With the side stand on, one can use the scooty to just sit and relax if one has no sitting option.

17. Gloves

Bike gloves

Price: ₹ 302 - ₹ 3000

Gloves are necessary for people who prefer long rides. Gloves are not absolutely essential if you use scooty for regular purposes. But it becomes a priority when one has to travel a long distance and constantly move the hand gears. 

It protects your hand from getting any kind of cuts or injuries. Another important function of gloves is to prevent your hand from getting sweaty on long journeys which otherwise can create slippery hands. It also prevents the hand from getting blisters.

18. Jacket

Honda 6g Riding Jacket

Price: ₹ 4000- ₹ 14000

Again a jacket is an optional accessory when it comes to the must-have essential of your scooty. A jacket is good for people who prefer to ride long distances, take solo trips, or the like. The premium quality jacket of the Honda series is made with favorable materials that make it preferable for harsh climates. Also, it provides a charm to the look of the rider. 

19. Sound Horn

sound horn

Price: ₹ 370 - ₹ 968

Sound horns are absolutely necessary when riding. The sound of the horn indicates the other riders to give you space to pass. It also lets people know that a vehicle is on its way. The sound horn should be high in its frequency so that it can travel up to long distances. Sound horns are of utmost importance as it helps prevent road accidents

20. Number plates

number plates

Price: ₹ 333

Number plates are used in vehicles to provide unique identification to the vehicle. The first initial numbers or alphabets indicate the state or territory they belong to. The rest of the numbers give a unique identification to the vehicle. Number plates are mandatory in a vehicle and it’s illegal to ride a vehicle without the number on it.

21. Key Chain

key chain

Price: ₹ 299

The key chain helps in keeping the keys in a place. A keychain of a scooty is important as it adds some additional weight so that it does not get lost easily. Key chains also provide a charm to the vehicle if it has the logo of its own brand. 

Where to Buy these Accessories

There are multiple options from where a person can buy the accessories of Honda 6G. One can probably look at online retailers or sites like Amazon or Flipkart for pocket-friendly prices and amazing discounts. Buying online can help you get some exciting low prizes. You can also get cheaper deals if you purchase the Honda 6g accessories on some kind of festivals.

Can we add new accessories to the old Activa scooter?

Yes, we can add or replace as many accessories we want to our Honda Activa 6G scooter. All the above-discussed accessories can be easily installed or replaced in old scooters. You can add accessories to your scooter to remodel or make it look new. For example, mobile holders, seat cover, basket, etc could be easily installed and replaced.


Buying an automobile like Honda Activa 6g is great, but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. One needs to be extra cautious while buying accessories of the Honda Activa 6g and needs to understand the uses and purpose. Hence accessories of a scooty are very important to maintain its durability and longevity. 

I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oils for hero Hero Splendor Plus; Check it if you wish.

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