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ISI certified helmet brands in india

Top 5 ISI certified helmet brands in india – Best ISI Helmets

ISI certified helmet brands in india
ISI Helmet Brands in India

Top 5 ISI certified helmet brands in India

There are various helmet brands in India that produce excellent quality ISI helmets. But nevertheless, they cannot be considered as the “BEST” in the Indian market. There are various factors that affect the quality of the helmet to stand out.  Some of them are the materials used to make, pricing of the helmet, the maximum load it can bear, etc.

Let’s see 5 Best ISI certified helmet brands in India.

1. Vega:

Vega Auto is a reputed India based company established in 1982. The headquarters located in Belgaum. This company is known to produce excellent quality of headgears, which are ISI certified and can be safely used by the people. 

The company manufactures helmets that are considered topnotch on their quality. The company produces a wide range of helmets which are the perfect amalgamation of fashion and safety. Vega Spread across 400 dealers across the country which connects the brand to various states. 

Vega helmets are safe on roads and can bear up to 4000g load. The stiff material that is used to make the helmets are strong and can shield any kind of sharp materials.

2. Steelbird:

Rooted on 13th march 1964, Steelbird is a well-known automobile brand in India known for its ample quantity of accessories and exceptional quality helmet. The company is approved by the bureau of ISI and is safe to wear on the field

The special element of Steelbird helmets are its Sweat Resistant Interiors that keep the biker comfortable,  Pannier Boxes, Helmet Locking Devices which are essential for extra safety, and Auto Accessories.

All these tools are manufactured with high graded material and pass through various stages of load-bearing activities. Designated nationally and internationally this company produces various kinds of auto accessories.

3. Studds:

Studds began their journey in 1973 and since then there is no looking back. The company has been able to produce different kinds of automobile tools that go perfectly with fashion and comfort. 

Their dedication and determination to do more for the automobile industry is reflected through their products. All their Helmets are approved by ISI and go through different stages to check the durability of the material. 

The company has an in-house laboratory that tests its product to meet the standards of the industry. The laboratory is approved by VCA England.           

4. Habsolite:

Habsolite emphasizes the rider safety products and ensures to produce the same as per its commitment. It makes sure that all its customers get a hundred percent satisfaction and are not deprived of the desires that they have as a biker. 

All Habsolite Helmets are ISI approved and meet the standards of the industry. Habsolite produces ISI certified products and has it’s in house testing center, where they use different kinds of techniques to test the durability of the Helmet. 

They produce unique kinds of blended products that are both fashionable and unique.

5. Royal Enfield:

As the name suggests Royal Enfield is Royal in its own way. It is one of the highest designated motorbikes in India which gives the biker an exclusive feeling. It’s every biker’s dream to have a royal Enfield bullet bike in their collection. 

The bikes are extremely masculine and give the rider ultimate comfort. This brand is also known for its excellent quality safety ISI Helmets. They come in different ranges with different designs with all types of amenities required. 

All Helmets of this brand are ISI approved and perfectly safe for the bikes who aim to go on long-distance rides.

6 Best and affordable ISI certified Helmets in India

There are numerous options in the Indian market for helmet options and other safety measures. But it is essential to gear up for a brand that is trusted and is safe for the bikers who go on long-distance rides. The safety gears must be ISI approved and can bear difficult bumpy situations.

1. Vega Cliff Helmet

Vega ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● Vega cliff is an ISI-approved helmet that ensures a safe ride on the field and perfect for long drives. 

● The helmet is affordable and as well as goes on style for the bikers who need both style and comfort in one.

● The helmet may feel a little tight at first wear, but it gets fit as it has adjustable foam inside. The rigidity of the helmet ensures the safety of the biker on bumpy and zigzag roads.

● The material of the helmet is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and is made especially for males.

● The helmet is snugly fit and has an executed design. It gets comfortable within 10 days according to the head size. 

● The foam inside is sweat-resistant hence the helmet could be carried for long distances

2. Studds Chrome Eco Full Face Helmet

Studds Chrome ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● The outer material of the helmet is made up of hard and durable polymers.

● The special texture of the headgear is unpainted and the structure of the helmet prevents it from getting scratched due to the presence of a polycarbonate visor.

● The inside material is dense with EPS concussion padding lined with specially treated anti-allergic velveteen. This allows a smooth passage of air and will stop the biker from getting suffocated

● The helmet has a quick-release chin strap mechanism for easy handle operation & safety, and this would ensure a quick release when in an emergency.

● This helmet is available in various graphics options with an excellent view.

3. Steelbird SB-50 Classic Helmet

Steelbird ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● The material of the headgear is resistant to scratches and it is available with an easy fitting visor.

● The helmet has a quick-release mechanism for easy rides; this would ensure a safe long journey.

● The helmet has a High-quality UV resistant Polyurethane paint that enhances a pure and aesthetic look.

● The helmet has a dynamic ventilation system that gives comfort to the biker for long journeys.

● The helmet has High-Density Polystyrene Inner Shell and Cotton foam inside. The cotton foam is a little tight in the first uses, but it gets adjusted according to the head size after a few days. The outer layer has a Crafted ABS Shell.

● The helmet is made in India. It has foam-based padding inside, which makes it adjustable to the head size.

4. Royal Enfield Open Face Helmet

Royal Enfield ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● Every biker’s dream comes true when they rides the Royal Enfield bike with an MLG signature that provides a royal look. It also has an open face view wherein the biker can enjoy the transparent view with open air.

● The headgear has a hard coating visor surface with infused UV treatment for the maintenance of scratch resistance. The helmet has a sturdy look and is extremely comfortable to wear

● The comfort liner of the helmet is made up of polyester. Also, the inside liner has a skin-friendly foaming pad that allows the biker to ride without any discomfort.

● It has the chinstrap lock mechanism which is easily opened through a push.

● It has an EPS internal liner which provides real comfort.

5. Dass Getz Open Face Helmet

Dass Getz ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● The helmet comes in black color and is unisex. The outer material of the helmet is made up of polycarbonate. The use of nylon provides it with impact resistance. The outer shell is ABS plastic shell

● The inner shell consists of the material polystyrene and has an expanded foaming system. It has adjustable chin straps that give the easy opening

● The helmet is ISI certified which ensures safety and adds a quality standard to the helmet.

● The helmet stands out to be easy on the pocket with the amenities it provides.

● The helmet is a thermoplastic that makes it hard and strong; it is scratch-resistant and is comfortable due to its adjustable foaming unit.

6. Habsolite Eco Star Open Face Helmet

Habsolite ISI Helmet

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

● The helmet is made of high graded and strong polycarbonate outer material. This high graded helmet can bear strong hurdles.

● It has a quick-release locking mechanism to just hold the clip and push for easy release.

● The Standard size of the helmet is M (570mm)

The helmet has a Front open with ISI 4151 safety certification.

● The inner side of the helmet is made with Polypropylene EPS foam liner to reduce the intensity of any hazardous incident

● The helmet has a Wide front open transparent for a complete front view during driving.

● It is one of the trusted customer reviewed products.

What is the difference between ISI certified and other certifications like DOT, Snell, or ECE Helmets?

ISI is a government organization that tests helmets and other safety gear that needs to be launched in the general market for the safety of the public. It is governed by BIS and the Indian Organization. It tests the rigidity and durability of the helmet through rigorous tests.

While DOT and ECE are American and European safety standards that test their product before launching it to the market. Dot is generally tested many times as per the authority’s needs. While ECE and ISI have the same principle of testing the product once before launching it to the public.

Why ISI certification is compulsory in India?

ISI is the standard Institution that provides the certification to the helmet and which ensures that the helmet is safe to use on the road. ISI conducts many laboratory tests to check the rigidity and the strength of the helmet.

The main aim of the ISI is to provide quality safety gear to the riders who aim to travel long distances through the two wheelers. ISI tests the helmet through constant in-house laboratory tests like hammering, throwing it from a height to know its liability.

But still, in India, it is being provisionally accepted that there could be an allowance of other standard certified Helmets for the bikers who aim to ride some imported bikes. The ISI runs under government association and BIS.

What is another safety certification for helmets?

There are many other safe certifications like DOT, ECE, and SNELL which are the standard safety organizations of the different countries.

DOT: These certified helmets are strongly tested by continuous hammering, loading heavy weights piercing through sharp materials. These helmets stand out due to their strong nature and last long.  

ECE: ECE is the European standard organization that ensures the safety of the riders by testing the quality and material used in the helmet. It loads almost a weight of 4000G to know the strength of the plastic and polymers used.

How to check if the ISI mark is original in the helmet?

To check the originality of the helmet you need to follow some strict procedures.

  • Visit
  • Then you need to check into the Product certification section then proceed to the online application and then finally click on the KNOW YOUR PRODUCT option.
  • You can search for “Helmet” in the section
  • You would be now able to see the IS: 4151, which shows all the license holders in the country.
  • To know the manufacturer’s address you need to press (ctrl+f) followed by the CM/L no(ISI tag)  which is written in the back of the helmet.

Final Words

Helmets are the most essential ornament of a biker, who has a great drive for riding. A good ISI Certified helmet will ensure your safety in hazardous situations and will protect you from any unexpected incidents. 

Also, it looks cool to put on a helmet as it is a symbolic representation of a great biker. A helmet not only saves you from getting into an ugly situation but also is a barrier between unwanted dust, sun, and pollution.

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