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How to Choose Engine Oil for Scooter

How to choose the right Engine oil for your Scooter


How to choose engine oil for Scooter? Engine oils play a crucial role in the health of the motorcycle and support the engines for running smoothly and efficiently. The impacts of non-maintenance could lead to its motorcycle unable to move properly, the problem with motorcycle accessories parts, friction issues, etc., 

In short, the whole process of combustion will be impacted and the scooter engine might go for a toss.

How to Choose Engine Oil for Scooter
How to Choose Engine OIl

Choosing Right Engine oil for Scooters - Things to be considered

Engine oil is the heart of the engine hence, it has to be properly maintained for the scooter to run smoothly with no issues. There are also numerous factors needed to be considered while choosing the right engine oil for the scooters. Following are some important factors to be considered:

1. Engine Oil Grade

Engine oil grades are something that is usually printed on the engine oil cans with combinations of letters and numbers like 10w-30 oil etc., Even though, most of the understanding that these numbers imply temperature, these gradings don’t mean temperatures.

Firstly, the letter W is for winter, and the number that comes preceding is indicating the viscosity index. The number which comes after the W is oil’s comparative indication for withstanding their properties.

2. Manufacture recommended Oil

Most of us will have confusion about choosing the engine oil for scooters. Instead of overthinking, it is always better to just go ahead with the engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

All the scooter manufacturers will have their own recommendation on the engine oils considering their products keeping in mind their engine capacity and other attributes.


3. Types of Engine Oil

Mineral Oils

Mineral oils form a category which is naturally available in the forms of crude oil that is used as the standard oil for lubrication.

Semi-Synthetic Oils

Semi-Synthetic oils provides a good balance between the mineral oils and the chemically formed Synthetic ones. These oils are more useful lubricants that can assist keep scooter engines run healthy and smooth.

Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are completely created in labs using the mineral oils just as additive components. These work best when the engine under larger loads of stress. This is because these oils have great super lubricating factors coming with a great resistive nature towards higher temperature.

4. Motorcycle oils are different from scooter oil

Different Engine oils should be used for scooters and motorcycles. Any brand engine oil can be selected, but it should be designed for gearless scooters.

Using motorcycle engine oil in gearless scooters will surely degrade the engine performance and hence impacts the engine’s life.

5. Synthetic or not?

Synthetic oils have greater resistance to freezing while in cold temperatures like negative degrees. They are a bit expensive and for most of the regular applications, mineral oil suits well than the Synthetic one.

If you’re on the biased opinion about the synthetic oils, you can go for a mix of the two which is semi-synthetic oils.

6. Additives

Oil manufacturers have made it their routine style adding additives to their oils and also market it as a good process in removing the debris and neutralizing the acidity. These additives are used as natural cleaner helping the engine components to get cleaned internally.

7. Viscosity

Viscosity is an index which suggests the conditions like thickness, stickiness, and fluid inconsistency. A lesser viscosity oil will have a greater pace of inflow and freer. They are much suitable for the lubrication of high performing engines.


Choose the best

Engine oils are one of the most important things in the scooter to be maintained. Not all engine oils are suitable for all engines. So, keeping in mind the manufacturer’s advice while choosing engine oils will be a better and safe option for keeping the engine healthy.

I hope you like my article and it is useful to choose the best engine oil for Scooters. Kindly check my different suggestions of engine oils for all scooters below.

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