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best engine oil for TVS apache rtr 160

5 Best Engine Oil for TVS Apache RTR 160

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for TVS Apache RTR 160

Motul 5100 4T 10W-30 Semi Synthetic

Motul 5100 10w30

Looking for the best engine oil for Apache RTR 160? Keep Reading…..

The Newer TVS Apache RTR 160 comes with a BS6 engine. The engine power is 159.7 cc and comes with an air-cooled engine. It comes in two variants, Apache RTR 160 4V Drum and Apache RTR 160 4V Disc.

This vehicle is the perfect one for you as it is equipped with 5-speed gears, and it weighs around 137- 140 kg. Engine oil shows a key role in keeping the engine healthier. Consistent change of oil is suggested to retain the bike functioning in a superior condition.  

best engine oil for TVS apache rtr 160

10W-30 is the best & recommended engine oil grade for apache RTR 160. It is important to use the engine oil that is recommended for your vehicle as each engine has different requirements and various temperature criteria as well. It relies on the place and the weather as well. The same vehicle is adaptable to all climatic conditions that can adjust automatically to all climates. So it is convenient to ride in any country. 

5 Best Engine Oil for Apache RTR 160

Here, I have listed the 5 recommended engine oil for Apache RTR 160

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Engine Oil Price
MOTUL 5100 4T 10W30
Liqui Moly 10W30 4T
Castrol POWER1 4T 10W30
Mobil Super Moto 10W-30
TVS TRU4 Synthetic Oil

1. Motul 5100 4T 10W-30 Semi Synthetic

Motul 5100 10w30

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 575 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (10+ Reviews):

4.0 out of 5


Motul 3100 is the perfect engine oil that may be used for most of the 4 stroke. It is mostly suggested to use for modern engines as well as to run on low viscosity oils. It is suggested for the scooters and bikes 150 cc. 

This engine oil reduces engine wear, heat as well as noise so that engine will get protected, which makes the vehicle run smoother and last longer.

The viscosity of the engine oil is 10W30, which is quite good thus giving a smoother riding experience. This oil improves the performance of the engine in all climate condition.

This Semi synthetic engine oil reduces the deposits that occur on the engine. Thermal technology helps to keep the engine cool and adapt to different climatic conditions without causing damage to the engine.


  • Gives better performance and reduces deposits accumulated in the engine.
  • Made with synthetic technology.

Alternative - Motul 3100 4T Gold 10W30 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil

Motul 3100 10w30

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 373 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

4.3 out of 5 (360+ Reviews)

2. Liqui Moly 20W50 Street

Liqui Moly 10W30 Bike Oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 806 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (289+ Reviews):

4.6 out of 5


This oil is based on fully synthetic technology and it shows maximum performance as well as it gives assurance of protection of an engine, under various types like standard to risky conditions while operating.

Mostly this engine oil is utilized in sporting applications. It is at the top-most pick at the sports bike shop due to its best quality and salient features. 

This is suitable for both fuels injected bikes like a petrol engine, 4- stroke, 2- stroke as well as carburetor bikes. This engine oil shows fantastic performance with change interval between 6000 to 10000 Km.

It is apt for engines with or without a wet clutch also for water and air-cooled 4-stroke engines. Also, it is established on engines with catalytic processors.


  • Fully synthetic engine oil.
  • Change Interval is high.
  • Can be used for sports bikes thus giving superior lubrication.

3. Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-30

Castrol power1 10W 30

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 550 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (142+ Reviews):

4.1 out of 5


Castrol power1 4T 10W- 30 is third most recommended engine oil for apache RTR 160. It is innovative premium engine oil that derives from synthetic technology.

Up to 30% of power is lost in Apache RTR 160 bikes owing to friction, this oil developed the friction in the clutch and moderates the damage instigated to the engine owing to the friction.

This engine oil is suitable for both carburettors based as well as fuel injected bikes. Castrol power 1 gives better performance when compared to other engine oils of the same grade.

It meets the requirement for JASO and MA2 standards. This engine oil gives better acceleration right from start to the stop and provides better friction thus reducing the fuel loss.


  • Improves performance and gives better acceleration.
  • Gives higher power to engine compared to other engine oils.

4. Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 bike oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 305 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (97+ Reviews):

3.8 out of 5


Mobil Super Moto has superior oxidation and thermal stability so that making the engine smoother and producing cleaner operation as well as extending the life of the engine. 

It has a good corrosion shield thus managing the most significant machinery of the engine, so that the engine life gets prolonged. 

This engine oil encounters the suggestions for most of the 4T bikes also it is ratified by major brands. This engine oil is made with superior technology thus making it consistent and trustworthy. 

It protects the heat produced by the engine when there was a long and continuous drive. High friction of this engine oil prevents clutch slippage. Provides better oxidation thus reducing deposits made on engine and increases the engine life.


  • Provides better oxidation thus protecting engine from deposits.
  • Better thermal stability helps to keep the engine stable.

5. TVS TRU4 Synthetic Oil (TVS Own Oil)

Tvs Tru synthetic engine oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 570 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (18+ Reviews):

3.5 out of 5


TVS TRU4 Synthetic oil is specially manufactured for TVS brand vehicles. This gives better protection to engine and increases engine performance.

Synthetic engine oil will also aid in making the engine run cooler, thus reducing the operating temperature and so provides improved power delivery as well as fuel economy. 

When compared to the regular mineral engine oil, TVS TRU4 Synthetic Oil makes the engine run smoother, reduces maximum damage to the engine, and very well used at higher temperatures, so that the life of the engine also gets extended. 

This engine oil is available in standard packs as recommended for TVS vehicles. It is better to check the capacity of engine oil recommended for your vehicle if you are buying for non-TVS vehicles.


  • Provides better fuel economy thus increasing the mileage.
  • It assures the performance of a fresh engine using very little wear.
  • Makes engine run smoother thus providing better performance.

Which is the best engine oil for the bike TVSApache RTR 160??

Motul 5100 10w30

Check price now on Amazon

The engine oil is an important component to maintain the life of the engine and helps to keep the engine healthy. The best engine oil recommended from above all engine oils for TVS apache RTR 160 are Motul 5100 4T 10W-30 and Motul 3100 4T 10W-30, as it meets all the requirements for good vehicle management.

When to change the engine oil in Apache RTR 160?

It is necessary to change after 2000 to 3000 km if you used mineral oil.  Some branded fully synthetic oil can be good to change after 6000 to 1000 km. Check with engine oil manuals.

What is the Engine Oil Capacity of Apache RTR 160?

1000 ml or 1L capacity of synthetic blend engine oil is much enough for TVS apache RTR 160. If we add the appropriate amount of engine oil which makes the engine will work smoother.

How to Check Engine Oil Level in Apache RTR 160?

It is essential to check and find out the engine oil level for your automobile on regular basis. Beforehand operating the bike daily you can examine the engine oil level by utilizing the dipstick.

Insert the dipstick after opening the engine oil compartment lid. Check if there is a sufficient level of engine oil meeting the minimum level as specified.

The oil level must be flanked by the maximum and minimum marks of the engine oil dipstick. At whatever time the oil attained the minimum level mark it is a significant indication to change the engine oil.

How to change Engine Oil in Apache RTR 160?

To change engine oil on TVS Apache RTR 160, follow this steps.

  • At first, gauge your oil level using the dipstick. Kick Off the engine and leave it to be futile for some time. 
  • Now Stopover the engine and put that on the main stand also ensure it is on the ground level.
  • Then oil level dipstick must be removed to clean the same. Pull out the dipstick without hitting the edges to avoid damage. Check the engine oil level.
  • Utilize a funnel for pouring oil as the oil holder space is narrow and check the oil level according to the requirement. Increase the engine oil to the maximum level mark. 
  • Do not exceed the oil level. Fill it till the maximum level mark in the dipstick. 
  • When the color of the oil is changed to black then it is time to change the old engine oil filter, mostly after riding 5000 km. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to check the engine oil at regular intervals. Otherwise, it leads to severe damage to the engine as well as the vehicle it seems.

Yes, engine oil reduces the deposits made on the engine due to the oxidation process.

Yes, engine oil helps to reduce the damage caused to the engine due to frequent use.

There are high chances for leakage of engine oil after filling. This might be due to an excess amount of engine oil poured. It is safe to check for any leakage before starting the engine.


The engine is the core part of every bike. Engine oil plays a main role in making the engine healthy and enlightening its performance. It is important to use proper and recommended engine oil so that your bike can have an extended life, runs smoother for a longer time.

I Hope you like this article “Engine Oil for Apache RTR 160”, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oil for Avenger 220 & Engine oil for Yamaha FZS; Check it once if you wish.

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