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how to drive a scooty

Learn How to ride a Scooty in 15 Minutes


Four-wheelers on the road are jealous of two-wheeler drivers, especially the scooty driver as it is easy for them to pass ahead them moving through the pavements.

If you know how to drive a scooty, then you can easily surpass the four-wheeler vehicle on the road. But if you do not know how to drive scooty then don’t ride scooty on the main roads.

First, try to ride it in grounds and other open spaces to avoid any risk types.


How to drive scooty?

how to drive a scooty

Well, it is not so difficult. If you can ride the bicycle, Then you can quickly get how to ride scooty.

A scooter is just bigger and faster. If you learn how to ride scooty, then you can soon drive it in traffic. But before you learn to drive a scooty, you shouldn’t drive it in the traffic areas also dont forget to wear helmet, it will product you from any kind of accident, hers is the list 10 best helmets for scooty.

Before you start how to learn scooty. You should check as follows to know some essential points:


Know about your Scooty

As it is necessary for you to be aware of the vehicle so that you can quickly get how to drive a scooty.

    • Read owner’s manual before you approach how to ride scooty to become familiar to the various parts of the vehicle.
    • You should know whether it is automatic (button press start) or kick-starting.
    • Get to know the maximum speed of the scooty before you know how to drive it.
    • You have to add  20 ml of 2T oil without fail to every liter of petrol.
    • There is no equipment to check the petrol in the tank. You can also check in the fuel indicator.
    • If the fuel runs out during driving, you should turn the knob to reserve and approach the nearest petrol station
    • The most important thing to know before you know how to drive a scooty is that the left brake is for the rear wheel and the right brake is for the front wheel.


Learn to handle Scooty


You should be confident even that you can control your vehicle efficiently.

As the game how to drive a scooty starts with the handling of the vehicle. You should first learn how to handle your vehicle

  • Park your vehicle on the firm or even surface because on the uneven surface it can fall due to unbalance.
  • If you are trying to push your vehicle, make sure that your weight is not in the opposite direction; otherwise, you and your vehicle may fall.
  • Always try to park your vehicle on the center stand as it is a safer way to park your scooty.
  • Before you park your scooty that you should not park in No Parking sign
  • In some cases, if you park the scooty improperly, the vehicle traffic police can take away your vehicle.
  • Make sure you park your vehicle on the left side as the stand of the vehicle on the left side, which will give support to your vehicle.
  • You should always lock your scooty and then take out the key from it for the safety.

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Preparation for how to drive a scooty

how to ride scooty

Get the learner license before you start how to drive scooty with the big ‘L’ sign.

You should get one licensed rider must accompany you to make you aware of how to ride a scooty after that know the basic traffic rules and regulation, signboards and other signals.


You should also be having the driving license, vehicle’s registration, and insurance document with the scooty.

To avoid any penalty while you are learning how to drive scooty. Also make sure that you should get the wiping cloth, handbag, and documents along with you.

As you can open the seat and place all these things below, seat space is available. Unlock it and lift it to put your stuff after that you can press it to close it and then remove the keys.


How To Ride Scooty?


If you are through the above points, then you are half the way to get how to drive scooty. As then, you have to follow few steps to how to learn scooty. 

  1. Get on the scooty with confidence. Then Place your feet flat on the ground in case you are tall enough then you can place one foot on the scooty and another in the field. Then make a good grip over the handlebars.
  2. Try to balance yourself on the scooty.
  3. Start the scooty with the automatic press switch which is now available in every type of scooty.
  4. After that, hold the brake, and release the self.
  5. In some cases, you have to start with the kick as when the scooty is not in use for many days or in winter as the self, and the battery couldn’t charge or become low. It can occur in only a few cases.
  6. Then accelerate steadily by turning the right handlebar.
  7. The thing which you have to keep in your mind while learning how to drive scooty is that you maintain balance and in case of turn you have lean a bit with slowly rotating the handlebars.
  8. You may be confused about braking as you may be told to use front brakes. But it is not accurate as if you make use of front back for stop your scooty can flip. You should use the front brakes only in case of emergency avoid, using it every time you need to stop. As for slowly stopping, you should use the back brake. It will be the best advice if you are a new learner of scooty riding.

In case you lose control or before a crash, let the scooty go off as you may fall and it can hurt you if you are unable to control it.

You are more critical than the scooty. Try to ride the scooty in slow speed if you are learning to ride it and also prefer to drive in the straight path first and after that if you get a balance to operate in a straight way.

Then you can switch to learn how to ride scooty in turns.

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