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benefits of bike mobile holder

Benefits of using Mobile Holder on Bike or Scooter


Handling a mobile phone is a tedious task when you’re riding a bike. You have the constant fear of losing your mobile from your pockets while riding. Having a mobile holder is one in all solution to all such problems.

benefits of bike mobile holder
Benefits of mobile holder

There are 2 types of mobile holders for bike/scooter. they are,

1. Mobile holder without a charger

These are the simple mobile holders that you fix on the handle of your bike. They are used for better navigation and they help you in getting rid of the unnecessary tension of looking into your mobile for directions while it’s kept in your pocket. It also helps you to take photos and videos while you’re riding the bike. 

2. Mobile holders with a charging facility

These types of holders have all the facilities that any normal mobile holder will have and in addition to that, it also has a built in charging facility. This helps you in navigation and does not cause any kind of inconvenience throughout your journey. 


4 Benefits of Bike Mobile Holder

1. Charge mobile during a ride

If you’re using the mobile holder with the charging facility then you can charge the phone throughout your journey and this will help you in navigating your roads without any interruption. This also has the added advantage of keeping the phone ready to click pictures once you reach your destination. 

2. Protect your mobile from a fall while riding 

You will need your mobile constantly while navigating your way to your destination and if you hold the phone in your hand or try to continuously take it from your pocket then it is gonna fall off your hands. Mobile holder prevents the fall and also prevents any kind of accidents that can be caused due to lack of concentration.

3. Access google map while riding

Helps in keeping your google map right in front of your eyes. It is not easy to constantly take out your phone and look for directions, so the mobile holder helps you to navigate your way to your destination easily.

4. Increased comfort

Let it be watching videos or looking for directions on a map, a mobile holder increase your comfort level because in both cases you will have the comfort of not holding the mobile in your hand and keeping you at ease. 



Buying a mobile holder is worthy of your money because it gives a great sense of security and comfort when it comes to taking your mobile with you on a ride.

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