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best battery for honda activa

5 Best Battery for Honda Activa 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g Scooters

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Battery for Honda Activa 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g Scooters

Amaron 5AH Sealed Battery

Amaron Sealed Battery

If you’re looking for the best battery for Honda Activa in a cheaper price range for replacement, this article will help you guide through the choices in a user-friendly manner. 

It is important to understand that this battery selection list comprises quality products used as a part of petrol scooters for additional functions.

best battery for honda activa

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Activa Battery Price
Amaron 5AH Sealed Battery
Exide SF Sonic Battery
Exide Honda Sealed Battery
Amardeep Activa Sealed Battery
Tata Green 3Ah Battery

1. Amaron 5AH Sealed Battery ( Most Recommended battery for Activa)

Amaron Sealed Battery

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 1,163 (Updated as of April 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (93+ Reviews):

3.7 out of 5


Having a long-lasting battery life is vital in getting the best performance out of your two-wheeler, and this battery provides you with just that. If we talk about physical attributes, it weighs 2 Kg, has a 12volt voltage with dimensions 5x4x3cm.

It is manufactured with the latest VRLA technology, which makes it compatible with the entire range of two-wheelers available in India. This technology works on the oxygen recombination principle which helps in improving the battery function and works to prevent water loss and provide a zero-maintenance experience.

Other than having durability its production also follows high safety standards which result in high vibration resistance and spillproof body.

In case of any mishaps listed in the guarantee agreement, you can easily get it serviced at any of the Amaron service centers throughout India.

The company provides a warranty period of 2+2 years as well.


  • 5 AH rating.
  • Compatible with a diverse range of two-wheelers.
  • Spill-proof and improved safety long life.
  • Zero maintenance cost.


  • Not stain resistant.
  • The fit might not be appropriate in some two-wheeler models.

2. Exide SF Sonic Sealed Battery

Exide SF Sonic Battery

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 840 (Updated as of April 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (59+ Reviews):

3.4 out of 5


Exide has come up with a heavy-duty battery that weighs 1.5Kg and is 11.3 x 7 x 8.5cm if we talk about dimensions in this particular model. Its special feature is having a 4Ah capacity battery.

This battery provides superior starting power and high product safety because of its sealed lead acid battery design.

It also comes with a floating guide to indicate electrolyte level position, which also acts as an effective fume arrestor adding to an increased level of safety.

It is factory charged and comes ready to use. This battery consists of a hybrid alloy system that is best suited to withstand high temperatures prevalent in India and other tough weather conditions.

Dual plate separation for double protection against shocks provides high vibration resistance. The company also provides a 24+24 months guarantee and warranty on the product.


  • 3 Ah capacities.
  • Superior starting power
  • Leak proof design.


  • Information on suitable bike types is limited.

3. Exide Honda Sealed Battery

Exide Honda Sealed Battery

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 990 (Updated as of April 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (98+ Reviews):

3.7 out of 5


This battery works on calcium effects technology, which makes it capable of enduring rough and tough Indian terrain and road conditions while giving a power-packed performance output. This latest technology leads to low self-discharge.

It weighs 1.5 Kg and is 11.3x7x8.5cm in dimensions. It is non-foldable and comes pre-assembled and needs no adjustments in terms of internal structuring. It consists of 10 C batteries with a voltage of 12 volts.

It is specific for Self-start mode scooter vehicle which includes Honda Activa models only above 2011 onwards, self-start mode bike vehicles, and kicks start mode vehicle.

It is the only option available with X-Factor in association with zero-maintenance VRLA technology in motorcycle batteries. Other than having a powerful and quality build, it comes with a 24 months Pro-Rata Warranty.

The exemplary gas recombination system in this battery helps eliminate water loss and makes it completely maintenance-free, cutting down on costs.


  • A unique flame arrester ensures greater safety.
  • Spill-proof design guards present against the possibility of leakage.
  • Superior cranking power with better resistance to vibration.
  • Can fit in angled design vehicles.


  • Not compatible with all two-wheelers.
  • The return policy is not very effective.

4. Amardeep Honda Sealed Battery

amardeep activa battery

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 949 (Updated as of April 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (25+ Reviews):

3.4 out of 5


This battery has a voltage of 12 volts and a capacity of 5Ah. It’s only suitable for motorcycles in two-wheeler products and is widely used in Honda Activa, Suzuki Access, and others. It is not suitable for an electronic scooter or other similar vehicles.

It weighs 2.1 Kg and has dimensions of 14 x 13.4 x 7.2 cm. This battery is made of lead-calcium alloy and applied absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology. This relatively new type of sealed battery design makes it immune to freezing damage.

Its spill-proof design and no need for water checks make it have a more powerful performance with greater safety.

The battery comprises high cell compression and fiberglass mat separators which results in extended battery life. It also provides high vibration resistance from extreme road conditions and engine abuse.

There is no stated guarantee or warranty period stated on the product description but good customer care response from the manufacturer in case of mishaps.


  • High battery capacity.
  • Immune to freezing damage.
  • Leakproof design.
  • High vibration resistance.


  • Early battery discharge complaints
  • Does not have a precise fit for all suitable models listed.

5. Tata Green 3Ah Battery

Tata Green Battery

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 1,209 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (31+ Reviews):

3.9 out of 5


It hails from Tata Autocomp Systems Limited which has a reputation of being the world’s no.1 company in two-wheeler batteries.

Its functioning is based on premium grade VRLA technology. Its battery type is VRLA and it also has a higher starting power with extra load capacity in addition to a 24+24 months warranty ensuring product quality and maintenance. The warranty covers the service of the battery but does not include dammed products.

It weighs around 1.5 Kg and has dimensions: 11.3x7x8.5 cm. It comes pre-assembled and ready to use. It is not foldable and does not provide stain resistance. It has a 3Ah battery capacity with 12 volts voltage.

It has selective compatibility towards motorcycles and is best suited for Honda Activa 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g, 125, & other Honda Bikes.

It has Ca-Ca technology which leads to the product having a longer life and enhances vibration resistance. It also has an advanced leak-proof design with no water refill required, leading to maintenance-free use.


  • Great product quality.
  • Durability and enhanced strength in terms of performance.
  • Its advanced modern design leads to zero leakage.
  • Lightweight.


  • A specific warranty on the product which excludes dammed pieces.
  • The fit might not be appropriate for older models.

Things to look out for, while choosing the best battery for Activa

It is imperative to choose a well-reputed brand for your Honda Activa to ensure product quality, especially while using an online source to place an order to get the best Honda Activa battery at affordable price in the market.

1. Model: Be sure to confirm that a particular battery model is suitable for your vehicle, as some batteries from famous brands like Exide or Tata Auto comp only provide compatibility with selective bike models.

2. Size: The fitting of a battery is very important and thus, the dimensions of a battery, as well as its weight, should be cross-checked before placing an order per your specific needs.

3. Safety: Remember to check out the safety features, anti-freeze capacity, and customer reviews for any battery that you do decide to get, to have a better idea about the product.

4. Battery type: There is a lot of battery design like Lithium-ion based, Calcium based or sealed acid type to choose from. Therefore, it is important to look at the details of the product before purchasing it.

5. Maintenance: Nowadays there are different technologies incorporated in the battery to reduce maintenance of the product. The latest technology being the VRLA type. So try to find a low maintenance product as it also increases the battery’s overall lifespan.

Most Asked Questions and My Answers

Yes it's suitable; you can also go for Exide XLTZ4.

The original battery is sold with a warranty card and with a bar code printed on the battery. The manufacturing date is printed on the original battery as well as an address stamp from the dealer selling the battery.

There is no guarantee on this product, but you can contact customer service in case of any difficulties or damaged goods for help.

Its capacity is 5Ah.

Yes, it is.

Yes, it's suitable.

Choose the best battery for your Honda Activa

Honda Activa scooters can also be seen in various generations such as 3g, 4g, 5g, & 6g and so on; so, the selection of the battery should depend on battery compatibility with your model. 

As some of the models designed before 2011 are incompatible with the batteries available in today’s market, read the description and choose the best battery for Honda Activa.

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