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Best Engine Oil for Hero Passion Pro Bike

6 Best Engine Oil for Hero Passion Pro, Passion Pro Plus, & Xpro Bike

In A Hurry? Our Top Recommended Engine Oil for Hero Passion Pro Bike, Passion Pro Plus, Xpro Bike

Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-30

Castrol power1 10W 30

Hero Motor is a pioneer in a two-wheeler manufacturer in India. The latest model of Hero Passion Pro with BS6 113cc engine comes with various features like xSens with Programmed Fuel injection technology.

Passion Xpro is a BS4 iSmart 110cc engine bike with Stylish features and a striking design.

The engine requires lubrication and protection to make the bikes running smoothly. Engine oils are designed in such a way to ensure the engine always running like new even it has been used in the long run.

Top-grade engine oil provides top-class lubrication which reduces the loss of engine power.

Bellow we have the list of 6 best Engine oil for Hero Passion Pro, Passion Pro Plus, & Xpro with Pros and Cons.

Best Engine Oil for Hero Passion Pro Bike

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Engine Oil Price
Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-30
Motul 3100 4T 10W-30
Shell Advance 10W-30
Mobil Super Moto 10W-30
Liqui Moly 10W-30 4T
Savsol Ultra 4T 10W-30

1. Castrol POWER1 4T 10W-30 ( Most Recommended Engine Oil for BIke)

Castrol power1 10W 30

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 489 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (238+ Reviews):

4.2 out of 5


Castrol Power 4T 10W-30 is a semi-synthetic blend engine oil of premium quality to fit for a wide range of engines.

Castrol Power 4T reduces friction thereby avoiding the 30% loss of power caused by it. It provides superior acceleration to the bike due to its Power Release Technology.

It provides optimized friction in the clutch and losses inside the engine are reduced in proportion with it. It is the best engine oil for Hero Passion Pro in the market.


  • Superior engine cleanliness is maintained and hence smooth performance is guaranteed.
  • Engine noise is considerably reduced to some level.
  • The Castrol oil gives the best pick up and superior acceleration with a single twist of the throttle.
  • It has a variety of vehicle compatibilities.
  • It abides by the requirement of JASO MA2 and API SL standards for BS4 & BS6 engines.


  • Sometimes during heavy traffic, Overheating of the engine occurs.
  • During the rainy season, a Cold start problem exists in some bikes.

2. Motul 3100 4T 10W-30

motul 10w30 bike oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 360 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (198+ Reviews):

4.3 out of 5


Motul is HC-Tech engine oil that is semi-synthetic oil with a wide range of bike compatibility. It is the topmost user recommended engine oil for Hero Passion Pro.

It provides superior lubrication power and provides enhanced protection to the inner parts of the engine such as valve and spark plugs.

It also exhibits anti-wear features that probably helps in extending the life of the engine.


  • Provides better mileage to the bikes giving a smooth ride experience.
  • There is no gear slippage from one gear to another.
  • Vibrations in the bike will be considerably reduced providing a smooth riding experience to the rider.
  • It provides enhanced stability over a high range of temperatures. 
  • It is highly recommended for a wide range of bikes with a capacity of up to 150cc.


  • Engine oil takes some setting time to set with the bike.
  • During high temperatures, the protection of the engine is reduced since the viscosity of the oil also reduces. 

3. Shell Advance 10W-30 API SL

Shell Advance 10W 30 bike oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 426 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (303+ Reviews):

4.1 out of 5


Shell Advance 10W-30 is premium mineral oil for almost all the bikes in the market. It is a known fact that it enhances the smoothness of the bike’s performance.

The active cleansing technology cleanses the piston by 33% effectively thereby ensuring cleaner pistons.

It complies with JASO MA specification and provides optimized friction for a wide range of bikes.


  • The vibration of the engine is completely reduced providing a quitter riding experience.
  • There will be a considerable increase in mileage and performance.
  • Cold start ability is enhanced. During winters the bike starts with a single kick.
  • Smooth gear shifting is obtained and mileage is considerably increased.


  • The drain interval of oil is short. After driving beyond 1000 km, the oil loses the performance level to some extent.
  • Vibrations and sound from the engine arise after a 1k km distance traveled.

4. Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 bike oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 306 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (76+ Reviews):

3.9 out of 5


Mobil Super Moto is a conventional engine oil perfect for a BS4 & BS6 motorcycle. It is made up of premium technology with high-performance synthetic blend engine oil.

The engine oil combines the hydrocarbon base oil with the high-quality mineral oil to blend with additives together for engine protection and proper working of gear and clutch.


  • Cold start can be achieved sooner because of the enhanced lower temperature properties.
  • With oil exhibits anti-corrosion properties, the wearing of the valve train and bearing components are well protected.
  • Oxidation stability and deposit control result in a cleaner and smooth engine run.
  • Compared to other engine oils that are available in the market, Mobil super Moto provides 50% more enhanced wear protection.


  • Fuel economy is considerably reduced during highway riding.
  • The viscosity of the oil tends to thin when some of the additives contribute to reduced viscosity friction.

5. Liqui Moly 10W30 4T Engine Oil

Liqui Moly 10W30 Bike Oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 910 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (221+ Reviews):

4.6 out of 5


Liqui Moly is a German-made synthetic engine oil that provides maximum performance and protection to the engine under all adverse operating conditions.

The engine oil is very effective that needs to change only after 6000 km distance traveled. Liqui Moly is the best for the Hero passion pro motorcycle.


  • The engine oil provides Excellent Friction management ability to protect the engine.
  • Due to reduced friction, the internal parts of the engine tend to minimize wear and tear.
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness is provided by the oil as it cleans the dirt and debris without entering the engine body
  • It provides Optimum Lubrication to the engine parts.
  • Vehicle noise is considerably reduced and the power is substantially increased.


  • The bottle comes with a filling nozzle however it is difficult to reach the inlet plugs with it. Bottle quality should be improved.
  • It is quite expensive when compared with other engine oil in the market.

6. Savsol Ultra 4T 10W-30 Engine Oil

Savsol Ultra 4T 10W30 Bike Oil

Price may change at anytime, Check latest price now

Price: ₹ 230 (Updated as of May 2021, Price may change from seller to seller)

Ratings (65+ Reviews):

4.2 out of 5


Savsol Ultra 4T 10W-30 is a 4 stroke high-performance engine oil manufactured with JASO MA2 specification and API SL standard.

It is a make in India product that is manufactured within India. It is cost-efficient mineral oil available in the market.

Good performance can be achieved at reasonable prices and it is good for short rides. This mineral oil is better in quality when compared with the other mineral oil brands.


  • Savsol is fully synthetic engine oil that provides superior engine performance.
  • Excellent piston deposit control thereby preventing the dust and debris from entering the piston and engine.
  • The engine oil provides a very good fuel economy compared to other oils.
  • The engine oil’s heat dissipation is very fast and thus ensures longer engine life.


  • Pick up of the vehicle considerably reduces over some distance traveled.
  • Vibration exists in bikes when the bike is taken for longer rides.

What is the engine oil capacity of Passion Pro

Maintaining the quality of the engine oil extends the engine life. It is always recommended to use the manufacturer’s recommended engine oils to protect the engine. The engine oil capacity of the Hero Passion Pro bike is 1100 ml as mentioned in the service manual and the recommended grade is 10W-30.

How to check the engine oil level on Hero Passion Pro

The vehicle should be made to stand in an upright position by holding it with the center stand.

Open the inlet valve and dip the dipstick into the oil tank to check the oil. The oil should be between the upper and lower level marks of the dipstick.

How to Change Engine Oil on Hero Passion pro

The engine oil for Hero Passion Pro should be changed when the distance traveled lies between 2500 to 3000kms. Fully synthetic oil is the best-recommended engine oil for Passion Pro bikes as the oil does not degrade over the long run.

  • Make the bike stand in an upright position with the center stand. 
  • Open the outlet plug and place a tray beneath the outlet.
  • Drain all the used oil to the tray and close the plug. 
  • Now open the inlet plug and insert a funnel into it and fill in new engine oil and close the inlet plug. 

Regularly check the quality and quantity of the engine oil with a dipstick.

Can we use Scooter Engine Oil on Motorcycle?

Scooter engine oil and Motorcycle engine oil are slightly different from each other. Scooter engine oil is administered by JASO MB standard for use without friction clutch while motorcycle engine oil is governed by JASO MA standard for use with friction clutch.

So, motorcycle and scooter engine oil should be used as directed. They provide certain levels of lubrication and cooling corresponding to its make and grade for specific models.

There will be no problem even if we change the use but in the long-term run, the use of scooter engine oil on the Motorcycle is not advisable.

Most Asked Questions and My Answers

Engine oil with grade 10W-30 fully synthetic oil is best suggested for Hero Passion Pro. The best-recommended engine oil for Passion Pro is Castrol Activ 4T.

The recommended engine oil grade for Hero Passion Pro is 10W-30.

Oil manufacturers state that to change engine oil after 3000 Km or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

The engine specifications are denoted by the Maximum torque 9.89 Nm @5000 RPM and Maximum Power 6.73kW @7500 RPM.

The Hero Passion Pro bike with BS4 engine comes with a fuel tank with 11 liters of capacity while BS6 is 10 liters of capacity.

Choose the right oil for your Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro is a unique newly launched triple-tone color scheme bike with BS6 engine specification and deliveries are set to commence soon. This bike is 5 percent more fuel-efficient than the Passion Pro BS4 model and torque is also increased. Engine oil with grade 10W30 goes well with Hero Passion Pro bikes and we must use it to enhance the engine life.

I Hope you like this article, Feel free to ask any questions related to engine oil in comment. Also I have picked the list best engine oil for hero Maestro Scooter; Check it if you wish.

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