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Best Engine Oil for Scooters in India - Top Brands

Engine Oil is considered the blood of any engine and it ensures durability and comfortability as well. The most important thing to consider before buying any engine oil is to check manufacturer-recommended oil grade.


How to check the Manufacturer's recommended engine oil grade for our Scooter?

Simple, you will find it in the user manual(service book) provided by the showroom. You can also ask your showroom mechanics about the recommended engine oil grade for your scooter. We are going to share a few major points about engine oil and what engine oil brand is best for scooters. So keep reading till the end.

Which is the most recommended engine oil grade?

The 10W 30 is the most recommended engine oil grade for many scooters. 10W 30 signifies the viscosity of the oil rated at 10W when an engine is cold, and 30 when the engine is hot. 

10w 30 oils are considered the best engine oil for high mileage scooters. It reduces leaks and minimizes mud buildup too. 

Hence, 10W 30 oil is the Most recommended engine oil grade for Top scooters like Honda Activa, TVS Jupiter, Ntorq, Grande, Suzuki Access, Honda Dio, Hero Maestro, and Maestro edge. 

For Yamaha Fascino or Yamaha Ray10W40 is the manufacturer recommended Engine Oil grade.

For Vespa 150 or Vespa 125 5W-40 is the recommended Engine Oil grade.

What is the best engine oil for a scooter?

Motul Scooter LE 10W30 ( User Recommended Oil)

Rating (1788+ratings):

4.4 out of 5


There are several brands of engine oil is available in the market, and every oil has its quality and additive, but here we will tell you only about the best engine oil for the scooter which is Motul Scooter 10W 30. This oil provides the best lubricating properties and lesser oil loss while riding. Motul 10W 30 improves engine startup and optimizes gearbox protection.

It is compatible with all gearless scooters and specially designed for fuel economy. It provides very good thermal resistance and stability. It is very secure against wear and tear even under hard racing operating conditions and provide smooth riding.


Few Other Top Engine Oils for Scooters:

From my experience with scooters, Motul is the best engine oil brand for both scooters and bikes. If you are more concerned about options, here I suggest few top Engine Oils for scooters.

1. Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 scooter oil

2. Servo Scootomatic 10W-30

Servo Scootomatic 10w 30 engine oil

3. Castrol Activ Scooter 10W-30

Castrol activ scooter 10w 30

4. Mobil Super Moto 10W-30

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 scooter oil

3 Other factors need to check on Engine Oils

There are some tips while choosing the best engine oil for your scooter, which you must see before buying it.

- Type of Engine Oil

As there are various types of engine oil available for your scooter like Mineral, premium mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oil. Before buying the engine oil first you need to understand that the compatibility of oil with your engine, climate, and driving condition, and then you can decide which engine oil would be the best option for you.

- Viscosity

The viscosity of oil defines the quality and grade of any engine oil and every oil are graded based on its viscosity at different temperatures. It makes the engine smooth and vibrationless while riding and provide a smooth ride. Every oil is not compatible with most of the scooters, hence always choose the grade of the viscosity of oil before using it.

- Oil Additive

It is a chemical compound that is added to the base oil to enhance the performance of the engine. The Oil additives help to clean the dirt from the engine and prevents corrosion as well. Their presence helps the engine for long-lasting in the future. The additives clean oil impurities, prevent oxidation, improve viscosity, and reduce friction.

12 Top and best engine oil brands in India

The brand is something that is known for its reliability, quality, and customer review. The role of engine oil in the scooter is the same as the quality of blood in the human body. Quality oil is responsible for the smoothness of the engine that provides a comfortable ride and helps engine parts long-lasting.

A quality oil has more features such as best Lubricating properties, cooling-ness, anti-rust property, and viscosity. Here we are going to share India’s best Engine oil brand below, so keep reading till the end, and then you can decide which is the best for you.

#1 Motul

Motul engine oil is 100% synthetic oil that provides a smooth ride while riding the scooter. The best part of this engine is, it is available at almost every place. It is also available in various format like in 2-Stroke and 4-Stroke. It is compatible with all gearless vehicles and meets JASO and API specifications. It reduces the engine noise after using it.

It provides good thermal resistance and stability and is specially designed for better fuel economy. It offers extreme pressure performance and is designed to protect the gear and improves engine startup.

Motul Scooter LE 10W30 Engine Oil

#2 Castrol

The Castrol engine oil is one of the best oil in the world and is well known for its quality and customer satisfaction. This oil is available for 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke scooters and keeps the engine very cool even during long rides. It is available in 3 variants like Castrol active, Castrol power 1, and Castrol Go. It ensures the protective layer from the moment you start your Scooter engine.

Castrol engine oil is an advanced premium quality oil with synthetic technology that offers superior wear protection. It maintains scooter performance during long rides. It soothes down the overheating due to high temperature and improves the pickup and throttle response.

Castrol activ scooter 10w 30

#3 Servo

Servo is also a well-known brand among the manufacturer and available in an enormous range of different bike engine types. This oil is compatible with a wide range of 2 wheelers and apart from this, your scooter will get super lubricant, high pickup performance and it has anti-rust agent properties. It provides better thermal resistance and stability and makes the engine smooth while riding.

It meets API and SL requirements. This oil provides enhanced engine life, higher fuel efficiency, and maximum power output. One important note should be kept in mind that oil should be changed as per the Manufacturer’s recommendation.

Servo Scootomatic 10w 30 engine oil

#4 Shell

It is the most popular and demanding engine oil in India. It provides high-quality engine oil for scooters and this oil has active cleaning technology. This engine oil is compatible with most of the scooters and this oil is responsible for smooth engine performance.

This Engine oil meets API SL performance specifications. If the engine oil level goes down before the servicing period then this engine oil is best to top up the level to its marked volume.

Shell Advance AX5 10W 30 Engine oil

#5 Mobil

Mobil engine oil is available for 2-stroke and 4-stroke scooters and provides a comfortable and smooth ride. After using this engine oil, it extends the engine life because of its best quality and provides good wear protection. Thermal and oxidation stability helps the engine to be clean and provides the best performance.

The viscosity of the oil is much better that makes engine parts smoother, and protects the engine from rusting. It combines high-quality minerals and synthesized hydrocarbon base oil which protects the engine for a long period.

Mobil Super Moto 10W 30 scooter oil

#6 Gulf

It is one of the best recognizable brands in India and is known for its quality and customer satisfaction. It provides quality engine oil and available with effective Japanese technology. Gulf engine oil offers a better fuel economy, improves clutch performance, and prolongs the engine life.

It is the premium quality synthetic engine oil and it is blended from superior quality base stocks which ensures optimum power retention. Gulf Engine oil meets API SL and JASO MA2 specifications which ensure its quality and reliability. It resists oil thickening due to high temperature and maintains scooter performance during the long ride.

Gulf Pride scooter SAR 10W 30

#7 Savsol

Savsol Engine oil is the right engine oil for new generation scooters. It is high-performance synthetic technology 4 stroke engine oil for scooters. It keeps the engine cool, offers superior engine cleanliness, and maintains the health of Engine, gear, and clutch performance.

The best part of this engine oil is, it brings a wide range of superior engine oils for both petrol and diesel engines. After using this engine oil, it provides excellent friction control and better fuel economy. It provides a better and smooth engine sound and offers a smooth ride while riding.


#8 Honda

It is the premium quality engine oil and it meets JASO MA and MB specification. It gives the maximum power of the engine and the best part of this engine oil is, it soothes and cools the engine under extreme condition of heat. This oil is not limited to lubricate but also provides your engine sludge free life.

Apart from these, this engine oil also protects engine-metallic parts from corrosion. Honda engine oil is environment-friendly oil that reduces CO2 emission to reduce air pollution. This oil is enriched with special additives that improve hydrodynamic lubrication and prolong engine life.

Honda 4 Stroke Bike Engine Oil

#9 Bharat Petroleum (MAK)

It is a semi-synthetic oil and offers protection and performance for all new generation scooters. It enhances the stability of the oil, reduces noise at peak engine speed, and increase power output. This engine oil Meets API SL performance and requirements of JASO-MA2 standards which makes it a more reliable and quality product.

The best part of this oil is, It offers the best fuel economy and reduces oil consumption. It is Environment friendly, offers maximum riding comfort, and provides maximum power.

MAK Lubricants 4T Scootech 10W 30 Engine Oil

#10 Liqui Moly

Liqui Moly is a synthetic technology engine oil. It ensures maximum protection and performance under all operating conditions. It provides outstanding engine cleanliness and makes engine parts smoother and frictionless. This oil provides a high level of protection against wear and keeps the engine clean.

The best thing about this engine is, it is suitable for the engine with our without a wet clutch. Liqui Moly has tested on engines with catalytic converters. It is also compatible with most of the scooters. The Oil additive clean motor from the inside, reduce friction and protects against corrosion.

Liqui moly 10W30

#11 Valvoline

Valvoline has superior cleaning properties and a well-known brand in India. It has anti-corrosion properties that protect all engine parts from rust and makes it frictionless. It provides perfect protection and lubrication under wide temperature in air-cooled engines.

It is Non-detergent engine oil and this oil flows very easily at low temperatures and high-quality additives prevent oil breakdown. It is a Quality oil that improves engine life and makes a smooth and comfortable ride.


#12 Veedol

Veedol provides outstanding load-carrying capacity and offers extraordinary performance. Veedol is growing to become the world’s finest and best motor oil. Veedol develops the best quality of oil and it is compatible with the majority of the scooters. Veedol is synthetic based engine oil and it has Actibond molecules that offer a smooth ride and acceleration even at high speed while riding. It is compatible with all types of 4 stroke scooters or bikes.

The anti-wear ability of this oil extend the engine life of a scooter and offers continuous protection at all stages of the ride.


Final Words

Here we have elaborated about “several things to consider before buying engine oil“, “top Engine oil Brands name in India”, and “most recommended oil. We all know that every engine oil has a different grade and compatibility with every scooter, hence we have interpreted each and everything about the best engine oil with its quality and features.

So based on this all information you can judge and differentiate about the best engine oil for your scooters, although all the listed engine oils are the best one for use in your scooter.

Engine Oils for Top Scooters