Top 10 Scooty in India

With the complete range of top scooters in India, now gone are the days when they are only associated with the older uncles going to offices. Now you can get the top scooters in India available in the market depending on the choice or convenience of people. A scooter is easy to handle, park and requires less maintenance.

In many countries over half the population makes use of a scooter for everyday work. Depend for the top scooters in India are growing massively. Even now the students prefer to use a scooter in India, so they want to know the top 10 scooters in India to make a wise choice.

You can get fuel efficiency and cost-effective if you choose from the trending top 10 scooters in India. A tank full once can last for at least 3-5 days. All these things matter a lot when you select any scooty from top 10 Scooty even in some cases you can mileage as high as 75kmpl in the latest top 10 scooters in India 2019.

10. Hero Maestro Edge

top 10 scooty in india maestro edge

Top 10 scooty in India Hero Maestro Edge
Mileage 62km/l
Engine 110.9 CC
Price  50,480 Onwards

The Maestro Edge is one of top 10 scooty in India from Hero Moto Corp’s who are the top scooters sellers. The Maestro Edge has an engine of 110.9 CC. It has the torque of 8.7 Nm.  It has the alluring features like an LED tail lamp, telescopic suspension up front and a BS IV compliant engine with AHO. The Maestro Edge top scooters in India has a wheel up the front of 12-inch and rear wheel 10-inch.



Top 10 Scooty in India APRILIA SR150
Mileage 62km/l
Engine 150 CC
Price  71,148 Onwards

The Aprilia SR 150 is the 1st scooter from the top 10 scooty in India with iconic Italian model.  It is one from the two 150cc scooters top scooty in India currently on sale. Aprilla mostly targets the younger generation with the features and the ravishing look and shades of paint. Making the owner choice wise from top 10 scooty in India, the Aprilia SR150’s engine produces 10.25bhp and 11.4Nm of torque.



Top 10 Scooty in India YAMAHA FASCINO
Mileage 66 km/l
Engine 113 CC
Price  56,682 Onwards

The Yamaha’s Fascino is a stylish retro model from top 10 scooters in India. The models mostly target women who love to drive the top scooty in IndiaThe Yamaha Fascino’s has an alluring design and affordable price make it one from top 10 scooty in India.


TVS WEGO Top 10 Scooters in India

Top 10 Scooty in India TVS WEGO
Mileage 70 km/l
Engine 110 CC
Price  53,448 Onwards

The TVS Wego is the best choice for people who prefer from top 10 scooty in India for its features, body balance technology, and adequate under-seat storage. You can get a variety of colors to choose from the top 10 scooters in India. The Wego has the 110cc single-cylinder engine. You can get top scooters in India Sync-Brake System offering both brakes when one of the levers is pulled. The TVS Wego makes 8bhp and 8Nm of torque with a CVT gearbox.


YAMAHA RAY-Z Top 10 Scooty in India

Top 10 Scooty in India YAMAHA RAY-Z
Mileage 66 km/l
Engine 123 CC
Price  55,519 Onwards

The Yamaha Ray-Z is an attractive-looking, a light scooter from the top scooters in India 2019 which mostly aims to target the female population who love to prefer top 10 scooty in IndiaYamaha RAY-Z has the 113cc engine huge power output of 7bhp and torque output of 8Nm. You can get various color in it.


top scooters in india DIO

Top 10 Scooty in India HONDA DIO
Mileage 66km/l
Engine 109.19 CC
Price  54,136 Onwards

The Honda Dio is the next number to the top 10 scooty in India which targeted mostly the youth who prefer to ride top scooters in India. It is fun to drive the top scooty in India, offering complete convenience to the owner in terms of mileage, price as well as looks.


top 10 scooter hero destini



Top 10 Scooty in India HERO DESTINI 125
Mileage 66km/l
Engine 124.6 CC
Price  56,350 Onwards

The Hero Destini 125 is another top scooty in India with the 125cc segment. It is equipped with sports features and uprated market design. The Hero model is from top 10 scooty in India which has single-cylinder engine producing 8.7bhp and 10.2Nm torque and air-cooled engine of top scooty in India. The top scooters in India have the i3S idle-start-stop system with digital-analog instrument cluster and external fuel filler cap along with the integrated brake system.


Top 10 Scooty in India SUZUKI ACCESS 125
Mileage 64km/l
Engine 124 CC
Price  58,147 Onwards

The Suzuki Access 125 is third from top 10 scooters in India from Japanese automakers with the 125cc segment. The top scooty in India gives retro look and chrome embellishment to make the owner look perfect rider. If you want to get the reliable and powerful engine for a top scooter in India, then get the retro look Suzuki Access 125.


JUPITER top scooters in india

Top 10 Scooty in India TVS JUPITER
Mileage 62km/l
Engine 109 CC
Price  54,701 Onwards

The TVS Jupiter is the second from top 10 scooty in India 2019 with the highest selling scooter in the country. Its alluring design, multiple color options, and useful features have made the TVS Jupiter top 10 scooty in India for both men and women.


ACTIVA 5G top 10 scooty in india

Top 10 Scooty in India HONDA ACTIVA 5G
Mileage 60km/l
Engine 109.19 CC
Price 55,828 Onwards

Honda Activa is one from the top 10 scooty in India 2019. The first model of Honda Activa came in the year 2000 and has made a unique place in the market. As the popularity of the top scooty in India is the fifth generation scooter launched by the company.  It is giving tough competition to the other top scooters in India.

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